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About Ellis

Gerry Ellis

Gerry’s career has encompassed numerous long-term documentary projects for GLOBIO, World Wildlife Fund, Chevron PNG, the Australian Tourism and recently completed project with National Audubon Society, the Gulf Oil Spill Project. His numerous magazine projects include work for such publications as Paris Match, Ranger Rick, BBC Wildlife, New York Times, GEO and National Geographic.  Additionally, Gerry has created award-winningbook projects, including Wild Orphans, The Outdoor Traveler’s Guide to Australia, America’s Rainforest as well as several titles in the highly acclaimed children’s series “Nature Watch” by Carol Rhoda Books.

The Photographic Collection

chimpanzee in rain by Gerry EllisOver the past quarter century Gerry Ellis has compiled one of the largest, most diverse and in-depth collections of imagery reflecting the beauty and magic of life on Earth.  The work includes the minute details of our world as well as the largest landscapes.  The richness of the imagery has often been defined by the extraordinary people Gerry has had the opportunity to work with including Jane Goodall, Daphne Sheldrick, Anna Merz, and many indigenous peoples including Huli and Australian Aboriginal elders.


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